Karl as Flash Game

On his way through the garden pond Karl the Koi has to find pumps and filters and has to switch on pond illumination or watercourses. Eat fish food an finaly rescue your girlfriend Karla from a plant thicket.

Karl the Koi Classic

10 years ago nobody uses the word "App" - eGames were popular. The Flash-Version of Karl the Koi were popular, too.


Icefree Curling

As part of Karl the Koi Winter Games Karl has to free his pond of ice by poking the frost free in the right direction again.


Shoot the snow flakes

Have fun with Karl the Koi Winter Games. To avoid that the pond does not freeze you have to shoot the snowflakes.


Sledding the watercourse

Have fun with Karl the Koi Winter Games - and Karl can sled down the watercourse.