Karl the Koi Classic

10 years ago nobody uses the word "App". You may not remember but eGames with Flash technology were popular. Karl the Koi were played over 10,000 times over the internet. In addition to that, the same amount of CD-Rom games were distributed for free.

Have fun with Karl the Koi Classic.
On his way through the garden pond Karl the Koi has to find pumps and filters and has to switch on pond illumination or watercourses. Eat fish food an finaly rescue your girlfriend Karla from a plant thicket.

Use your keyboard:

- Enter: to start the game
- Arrow keys, to control Karl
- Arrow keys + Shift: Karl swims faster
- Space: Eat the food

Level 1:
In the first level you have to to eat food. Poke the plant baskets next to the pump.

Level 2:
In the second Level is much more to do. In addition to the pump, you can activate the lighting. You can get in another part of the pond by pushing the stones away.
There you can find more feed. Take care of the cleanliness of the pond and repair a pump.

Level 3:
The 3rd Level is ever bigger. Ultimately you have to free Karla from the thicket of plants. On the way to Karla you have to eat fish food, poke pumps and so on.

Tips & Tricks:
- The faster Karl swins, the more points you get - use the spacebar.
- Missed some fish fook - no problem, it reappears above the water surface
- you can save time if you collect food on your way back