Karl the Koi

Karl the Koi in 3D is a particular challenge. Investigate the pond and eat the food. Grow and win the Grand Champion trophy.

Smartphone and Tablets
Karl the Koi is available for iOS-Devices and Android-Devices. You can play the game on your smartphone and on your tablet.

English and German
You can play Karl the Koi in English or in German.

General Usage
You can control Karl the Koi by moving your device. Do you tend the device left, Karl also swims to the left. Do you tend the device forward, then Karl dives. With the fish symbol on the left side of the screen you can increase or decrease the swimming speed.

Buttons of the Startscreen
You will find the following buttons on the startscreen:
- Start Game: to play the game ;-)
- Help: a short description of the game
- Imprint: legal stuff ;-)
- Choose English / German
- Sound on/off
- Control by inclination or by a virtual joystick

Have fun!